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Backyardarium Chronicles: Of Fleeting Lilies and Enduring Hope

Reflecting on this day in July 2020, I recall the ever-changing dance of nature in my Backyardarium. The lilies, which once stood tall and proud, had fallen victim to a nocturnal feast by a roving band of deer. Yet, in the far corner, a bed of tightly budded lilies had escaped their notice, standing as a testament to resilience and the promise of tomorrow.

Turning on the news then and now, I find parallels between the garden’s cycle of life and our own times. Three thoughts come to mind:

  • Here Today, Gone Tomorrow - Just like the lilies, moments are fleeting. We need to cherish them.

  • Smell the Lilies While Ye May - We need to take time to appreciate the beauty around us, even amidst chaos.

  • Hope is a Lily, Lifted High - Perhaps the deer, in their own way, had expressed gratitude for their meal with this imagined hymn. It was a reminder that hope could nourish us, even in challenging times.

Yes, hope alone was and is not a strategy, but it is a beacon that can guide us through the darkest nights, leading us towards a new dawn. As I share photos from that memorable day, I invite everyone to join me in celebrating the enduring spirit of hope and the ever-evolving dance of life in my Backyardarium.

Hopeful for growth,


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